KUB211-W Operating Kubernetes

Operational Kubernetes Competency with Proficiency Exam

This is a hybrid on-demand and instructor led course. The instructor led portion of this course builds on the basic Kubernetes concepts introduced and skills you gained the in KUB100 course. You will then learn how to extend Kubernetes core functionality through enhanced storage, networking, and monitoring capabilities.

You may read the KUB100 course description for details about the on demand course. The instructor led portion will introduce you to kublet managed service extensions, such as service containerization. You'll build on your basic networking knowledge by working with kubernetes and SDN networking, including policy implementation and security. You'll dive into how to manage persistent storage for ephemeral containers. We'll introduce you into the powerful Prometheus monitoring toolset and how to monitor both your Kubernetes infrastructure and the applications you are running.

At the end of the course, you have the opportunity to take a certification exam that will prove your competency at deploying and managing Kubernetes, based on the skills you've acquired during the class.

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  KUB211-W Operating Kubernetes
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Robert Starmer
Robert Starmer

With 20 years of experience in automating IT data systems, and a focus on automating not only application deployments, but the underlying infrastructure as well, Robert brings a wealth of knowledge to the full application enablement stack from underlying Infrastructure automation and compliance to application deployment automation. Robert's technology background stems from efforts in such diverse fields as high performance computing and high frequency trading environments, scale-out workload managment, and enabling ops automation and continuous integration and deployment services. Robert also holds patents in network, datacenter, and application performance and scale enhancements. Robert is currently a founding partner at Kumulus Technologies, a San Francisco Bay area infrastructure focused Dev/Ops and Cloud Systems consultancy, where he writes, presents, develops, and educates industry on cloud and dev/ops topics.

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