Course Description

The Secure SHell (SSH) provides a secure method to remotely log into remote computers over an unsecured network.  The protocol further avoids the need to use (and remember) password. It is not only used by humans to access computers, but can facilitate secure computer to computer interactions.  Extensively used in modern IT operations, it is a fundamental tool that anyone interested in cloud systems should be familiar with.  This course provides background on what SSH is and how it works and then provides hands on labs that will give you practical experience generating and using SSH keys. 

Director of Education John Starmer

John has a diverse background that ranges from studying biological data systems to working with and teaching about cloud infrastructure systems.  When not teaching about cloud native technologies, John is building his expertise in AI and ML topics.  His most recent current credentials include "Google Cloud Architect." Since 2014, John has worked with Kumulus Technologies, a San Francisco Bay Area infrastructure-focused DevOps and Cloud Systems consultancy, where he focuses on project management and cloud-related course development delivery.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Orientation

    1. Why SSH?

    2. Why SSH? Summary

    3. What are SSH Keys? Summary

    4. What are SSH Keys?

    1. Are You Ready to Continue Your Cloud Learning Journey?

    1. Sharing SSH Keys

    2. Sharing SSH Keys Summary

    3. Operating System Considerations

    4. Creating SSH Keys

    5. Creating SSH Keys

    6. Configuring Your Environment

    7. Configure Your Environment

    1. How to use SSH Keys on GitHub

About this course

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  • 14 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


4 star rating

Ssh verygood

Sir Angel

Excelent course

Excelent course

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