Achieve SRE mastery with Technologies!

Critical training for app developers and operators

James Starmer

Application Development with Jenkins

Learn why CD is so important to efficient development, and get hands-on experience with in-course labs using Jenkins and OpenStack.

Robert Starmer

Applications & Operations in a Nutshell

Learn how Docker, Kubernetes and microservices create cloud-ready applications

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SRE MASTER Learning Path 6-Pack

Fast track to Cloud Warrior Status with Docker, Kubernetes and GitLab

Robert Starmer

Kubernetes Basics - Operating Applications Simplified

Learn the basics of operating a Kubernetes environment

Robert Starmer

Going Native - Cloud Native Application Development

Use the tools of modern developers! Learn how to deploy an OpenStack cloud with Terraform, set up a CI for your development process, and launch an application using Ansible.

Robert Starmer

Advanced App Operations with Kubernetes

Learn how container management can take your apps to the next level using Docker and Kubernetes best practices