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Robert Starmer

How to Explain Cloud Computing to Your Boss

With this course, you'll be able to confidently articulate what the cloud is and how it is relevant...regardless of your audience's technical background.

Robert Starmer

Cloud Native Application Development

Use the tools of modern developers! Learn how to deploy an OpenStack cloud with Terraform, set up a CI for your development process, and launch an application using Ansible.

Robert Starmer

Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) Test Prep (EXAM INCLUDED)

If you're confident about your OpenStack skills and want to take the COA exam, YOU NEED THIS COURSE. Includes sample exam questions to validate your preparedness.

Robert Starmer

Kubernetes Basics- A Starter Kit for Cloud Computing

The EASIEST way to get started with cloud computing!

Robert Starmer

Using Helm to Manage App Deployment on Kubernetes

Understand how Helm allows you to define, install, and upgrade your Kubernetes-managed applications. Learn to use Helm charts to describe even the most complex apps for installation, upgrades, and rollbacks.

Robert Starmer

Advanced App Operations with Kubernetes

Learn how container management can take your apps to the next level using Docker and Kubernetes best practices