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Robert Starmer

How to Explain Cloud Computing to Your Boss

With this course, you'll be able to confidently articulate what the cloud is and how it is relevant...regardless of your audience's technical background.

John Starmer

SSH Basics for Cloud DevOps

Welcome! This course will give you a clear and foundational understanding of what SSH is, why it is important in cloud computing and most importantly, you will have gained hands-on experience in using SSH and be the proud owner of at least one SSH ke

John Starmer

Basics of Bash for Cloud DevOps

Bash, the "Bourne again Shell" is a shell program that is available on most Linux distributions as well as MacOS and Windows 10. Bash allows users to interact with their system's files and directory, run scripts for automation, and much more.

Robert Starmer

DEV-025 Git Basics for Cloud DevOps

Get a fundamental understanding of Git version control and the core practical knowledge you'll need when interacting in cloud environments.

Robert Starmer

Docker Basics for Cloud DevOps

Get up and running with Docker! Understand the basics and get HANDS-ON experience building and running your own containers.

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Cloud DevOps Learning Path

BUNDLE-650: Go from novice to cloud-native dev for just $47/month