Kumulus Technologies

Level-up your cloud game with Kumul.us Technologies!

Must-have training for app developers and operators

James Starmer

App Development Made Easy

Learn why CD is so important to efficient development, and get hands-on experience with in-course labs using Jenkins and OpenStack.

Robert Starmer

Applications & Operations in a Nutshell

Learn how Docker, Kubernetes and microservices create cloud-ready applications

12 x $249.75

SRE MASTER Learning Path 6-Pack

Fast track to Cloud Warrior Status with Docker, Kubernetes and GitLab

Robert Starmer

Bundling Basics

Get up and running with Docker! Understand the basics and get HANDS-ON experience building and running your own containers.

Robert Starmer

Git 'Er Done

Learn how to layer a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline on the Gitlab Git repository manager in order to develop your applications more efficiently and reliably.

Robert Starmer

Bundle Your Apps Like a Boss

Learn the basics of operating a Kubernetes environment