Course Description

Bash, the "Bourne again Shell" is a shell program that is available on most Linux distributions as well as MacOS and Windows 10.  Bash, and shell programs in general, allow users to interact with their system's files and directory, run scripts, download and run programs and more.   In cloud systems, bash scripts are often used for programmatic (automated) actions and for manual interactions like configuration and troubleshooting.  This course is intended for the novice user and is focused on providing a practical, utilitarian introduction to actually using bash. 

Director of Education John Starmer

John has a diverse background that ranges from studying biological data systems to working with and teaching about cloud infrastructure systems.  When not teaching about cloud native technologies, John is building his expertise in AI and ML topics.  His most recent current credentials include "Google Cloud Architect." Since 2014, John has worked with Kumulus Technologies, a San Francisco Bay Area infrastructure-focused DevOps and Cloud Systems consultancy, where he focuses on project management and cloud-related course development delivery.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Orientation

    1. What is Bash, why do I Need it? Using Bash Basics

    2. Where do I Find Bash?

    3. Bash History

    4. Bash History

    1. Scripts

    2. Bash Scripts

    3. Variables

    4. Bash Variables

    5. Conditionals

    6. Bash Conditionals

    7. Curly Brace Expansion

    8. Curly Brace Expansion

    9. More Cat

    10. More Cat (Concatenate)

    11. Regex

    12. Regex (Regular Expressions)

    13. Here

    14. Here Files

    1. Conclusion and Next Steps

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