Course Description


Join Kumulus Technologies' Lead Application Developer, James Starmer, as he explores the continuous deployment (CD) space, starting with a simple example, and building to a fully working CD pipeline based around Jenkins and OpenStack. Learn not only why CD is so important to efficient application development, but also get hands-on experience building a CD pipeline as you progress through the class.

Lead Software Engineer James Starmer

James has been accelerating applications for over 15 years. As our resident scrum master and agile software development guru, he is passionate about making dev teams work effectively and efficiently and enabling the appropriate processes to help this happen. He’s also a bike afficianado that has participated in multiple “24hourof” endurance races.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Orientation

    2. Why Does Continuous Deployment Matter?

    3. Class Overview

    4. Transition

    5. Class Project Overview

    1. Project Setup

    2. Project Setup

    1. BDD/TDD

    2. The BDD/TDD Cycle

    1. Installing Jenkins on OpenStack

    2. Setting up Jenkins on OpenStack

    1. Installing Nexus

    2. Jenkins Nexus Setup

    1. Jenkins CI Build

    2. Jenkins CI Build

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content