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DEV 125: Working with Git and GitLab

Working with Distributed Version Control | taught by John Starmer

Course description

The Git distributed version control system and the extended functionality provided by GitLab simplify and streamline application development within and among teams. By the end of this course, you and your team will have a fundamental understanding of the basic principles and best practices for working with a distributed version control system (DVCS), the benefits of working with a DVCS via the command line (basic Git) or a GUI (using GitLab), and how Git and GitLab work together. 

This course provides a software development team the ability to work on software processes in an integrated manner.  The course is designed to be accessible to all team members from project managers to data scientists. It provides practical, hands-on experience setting up both the DVCS environment in using both Git and then GitLab to work with code changes. The course includes concise lectures that introduce topics and then provide the critical, hand-on experience that provides practical examples and help cement student learning. End of chapter review quizzes provide a way for students to confirm their learning level and a final graded exam provides students the option to obtain a course certification.

John Starmer
John Starmer
Director of Education

John has a diverse background that ranges from studying biological data systems to working with and teaching about cloud infrastructure systems.  When not teaching about cloud native technologies, John is building his expertise in AI and ML topics.  His most recent current credentials include "Google Cloud Architect." Since 2014, John has worked with Kumulus Technologies, a San Francisco Bay Area infrastructure-focused DevOps and Cloud Systems consultancy, where he focuses on project management and cloud-related course development delivery.

Course Curriculum

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Conclusion and Next Steps
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