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Critical training for app developers and operators

James Starmer

DEV 030 Continuous Integration with Jenkins and OpenStack

Learn why CD is so important to efficient development, and get hands-on experience with in-course labs using Jenkins and OpenStack.

Robert Starmer

KUB 030 Introduction to Kubernetes

This short course provides a first look at what Kubernetes is, how it fits into the world of cloud-native software and offers an opportunity to try out Kubernetes on your own.  

12 x $249.75

SRE MASTER Learning Path 5-Pack

BUNDLE-610: Fast track to Cloud Warrior Status with Docker and Kubernetes

Robert Starmer

KOS 300 Working with OpenStack (ILT)

A 5-day, intensive, ILT course. You will gain a functional knowledge of OpenStack's abilities and automation interactions for use with DevOps and development workflows.

3 x $997.00

The Kubernetes Accelerator

BUNDLE-605: Learn to Deploy and Manage Cloud Native Applications

Robert Starmer

DEV 145 Continuous Integration with GitLab

Learn how to layer a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline on the Gitlab Git repository manager in order to develop your applications more efficiently and reliably.